5 Best Hack For Selecting Auger Teeth

5 Best Hack For Selecting Auger Teeth

If you want to buy auger teeth, just make sure you understand what you need. If you are buying these auger cutter tools for the first time, this blog is for you. We have put together some of the crucial things to consider when selecting auger teeth:

Drilling Task

The first thing you need to get right when selecting auger teeth is the kind of drilling task. Make sure that you have understood the nature of the drilling that you want to do and what you need fr it. Note that there are all kinds of auger teeth in the market, and each of them can only hand certain coil conditions. It will even be worse if you buy low-quality teeth for your condition. For very high-quality teeth, you only lose money in it.

Size of Auger

Another crucial factor you need to consider when it comes to selecting auger teeth is the size of the auger. Every auger size comes with its own specifications, and this includes the size of the teeth. Make sure that you have checked what size the auger manufacturer recommended for the teeth. You must make a replacement with the same size for the machine to deliver good performance.

Cooling Option

Another important thing that you need to consider is the cooling option. Make sure that you have invested in machine parts that can be cooled with the most available options. The most widely used options are water and air. For the water-cooled auger teeth, you need plenty of water, and this could be a problem. That’s why air cooling is the most recommended because of the availability.

Strong Joint

There are many types of joining methods used for the auger teeth. But the strength of these joints varies depending on the application. For the augers or drilling soft soil, you can go for the typical joining methods. But for drilling rough and rocky solid, you need powerful joints to avoid breaking. Brazing tungsten carbide to steel still stands out as one of the most powerful joints.


The other crucial thing you need to look for when selecting auger teeth is durability. Check the lifespan that the manufacturer has given their products. If you are buying from a reputable manufacturer, lifespan could be a measure of quality. The longer the lifespan, the better. It will cost you less in the long run.