The RMM Small Cold Milling Machine- K50Y Model

The RMM Small Cold Milling Machine- K50Y Model

If you are working on a project that is not machine intensive, then a small road milling machine for sale would be a perfect option. These are special types of road milling machine designed to work for small projects. There are many brands out there from where you can buy from. Among the popular brands in the market is the RMM. The company has provided a number of road milling machines, but the K50Y model is one of the popular when it comes to a small road milling machine.

The K50Y model has increasingly become popular due to numerous and incredible features. In fact, if you look at the technical parameters as listed by RMM, you will see the kind of machine that we are writing about.  Here are 4 reasons that make the RMM K50Y model stand out:

Excellent performance

If you take a look at the K50Y model technical parameters, you will notice a number of things that show the kind of performance you can expect from this machine. First, the machine is powered by a 92kW engine which quite powerful for the machine of this size. With this kind of rating, the K50Y model can handle almost all the tasks that can be handled by small road milling machine for sale. The other fact that enhances the performance of the K50Y is the number of tools. From the data provided by the RMM (producer/manufacturer), the small machine has a total of 48 tools.

High Productivity

The productivity of the road milling machine and its performance are two things that most people don’t different. The productivity is all about the amount work that the machine can deliver in unit time. However, this is influenced by a number of factors. First are the milling depth and the milling width of the machine. That is where the K50Y model beats most of the road milling machine for sale. This model have a maximum of 500mm milling width and 160mm milling depth. In addition, it has a diameter of 720mm incredibly greats for its size.

The operating speed that can hit up to 38 meters per minute is another feature that makes the machine stand out. It is also important to note that the min turning radius of the RMM’s K50Y model is around 3150mm. It also lightweight weighing around 6.2 tons hence portability is not an issue. The K50Y model is definitely the kind road milling machine for sale you cannot pass.