Flexo Printing Plates Features Manufacturers Should Produce

Flexo Printing Plates Features Manufacturers Should Produce

As a manufacturer of flexo printing plates, there are several things you need to get right on plates production. One of them is the quality of the plates. To remain competitive in the market, you must ensure the quality of your flexo plates is meeting the market standards.

So what are the key features that flexo printing plates manufacturers should work towards in their production? Well, in this article, we are going to look at some of the key features that make idea flexo printing plates. These are the things that every manufacturer should strive to achieve:

Wide Exposure Latitude

The flexo printing plates that you made should provide a wide exposure latitude. This simply means their light sensitivity should be very good in that even if they are under-exposed or overexposed, they will still produce a quality that meets market standards. This is one of the key elements that help to reduce wastage.

Strong Toughness

The other thing you need to get right is the strength and toughness of the flexo printing plates. A good flexo printing plates manufacturer is one that makes plates that would withstand even demanding conditions. The best way to go about it is using strong and tough material. Make sure that the material used withstands the condition they will be used in with minimal wear and tear.

High Resolution Imaging

The most important thing flexo printing plates manufacturers should work on is the resolution. The plates must be made in a quality that guarantees high resolution imaging. Otherwise, the customer will feel that your products do not match their standard requirements.

Superior Ink Transfer

The flexo printing plates manufactured must always provide superior ink transfer. This means they should be designed to pick as much ink as possible to print a very clear image. The making of the print images must enable the plates to pick enough for the right print clarity. Note that ink transfer is greatly influenced by the design of the plates. Make sure all specifications have been observed, including the depth plate images.

Durable Plates

The durability feature of the printing plates covers both the plates and the printed image. The flexo printing plates manufacturer must work on both aspects if they are to produce competitive products. Apart from using high-quality material, the principle image written on the polymer must be of the highest quality. That is how the overall durability feature of the flexo printing plates is achieved.